Step ONE:

Use the order form in the link below to give us any specific instructions for editing the image(s) you are providing. Please be as detailed as possible with instructions. If you are not sure of what you want, and would like us to take liberty with the retouch, just let us know. For example:

image 1 ) smooth jacket wrinkles, remove flyaway hairs, remove blemishes from skin, plump lips, adjust skirt color to a forest green, remove dust spots, color correct over all for a modern fashion look.

image 2 ) clean product glass for a polished look, color correct for a cooler tone, composite with image 7 so it sits on the edge of the desk.

image 3 ) No specific instructions, feel free to just make it look nice.

Step TWO:

If you haven't sent files already, We recommend sending your files via in a ZIP file named with your project number. In the "Friend's email" field, input this address

When naming your files, name them with an image number so that we can correctly identify which instructions apply to each image.