My name is Matthew Spencer, I'm one part of MS digital arts. I've been retouching photos for nearly two decades now, with work that's been seen in major international publications like Elle, SEVENTEEN magazine, Beauty Launchpad, PDN, and more. On top of all that, I've had the pleasure of working with major brands like AVON, Paul Mitchell, Aveda, and Energizer, to name a few. I've been fortunate, and I love what I get to do.

I spent many years as a photographer, but time and time again I found my passion in the post production side of things. I began handling retouching projects for good friends and fellow photographers, soon it was what I wanted to do more than anything else.

I love polishing already beautiful images into stunning, print ready, and commercially appealing works of art. I pride myself on speed, technique, and maintaining a level of detail that keeps an image looking real, rather than overdone. I'm not heavy handed in my application, and I preserve or enhance details wherever possible. Sure I know all the tricks in the book, but I don't throw them at every image. It's always my goal to fine tune a photo so that it looks it's best, while keeping it authentic, giving the impression it could have just been shot that way. As a former photographer, I know how important it is that the final product represent it's creator and not all the tools in Photoshop.

The other part of MS digital arts is my partner Scott. He manages almost all aspects of the office, and keeps my schedule on track so projects get done as quickly as possible. He's a dedicated customer service person, skilled researcher, and all around talented individual. Much like myself, he has photography in his background, and understands the artist's vision. Together we are MS digital arts, and we would love to hear from you. Use the contact form to email us today for a quote on your next project. We'd love to work with you.

Thank you,
Matthew Spencer